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We pride ourselves on the people we have working with us to deliver you a stress and worry free movement of your vehicle, whether it's across town or across the world you're in good hands with us.

Our Services

Driven Vehicle Delivery

We specialise in the safe and timely delivery of all vehicles in our care whether delivering from a main dealer in a city through to private vehicles delivered to destinations across Europe.

Specialist Services Unique & Prestige

Whether your vehicle is a classic saloon lovingly restored or and modern supercar we can move your vehicle safely and professionally. Many of our drivers have a great deal of experience in driving such cars. We carry £100,000 per vehicle insurance as standard and can increase that on demand depending on the task to be undertaken.

Vehicle Transport

When required we can also move clients vehicles by transporter.


Concerned about buying unseen over distance without the chance of a close inspection yourself. ProPlaters is able to carryout detailed vehicle inspections in accordance with the BVRLA guidelines and criteria. We can provide a full report is to the appearance and condition of the vehicle.

End User Delivery

We can deliver new fleet vehicles to customers and their drivers and ensure that there is a comprehensive hand over of the vehicle ensuring the new driver is aware of how the vehicle is configured and operated.


Increasingly individuals and companies are buying vehicles online and through traditional auctions. We have a special services devised with the requirements of this market in mind.

About Us

We're Different

What makes us different and separates us from the crowd it's the fact that all our Platers and Transporters (Trade Plate Drivers, Vehicle Transporter Drivers) have completed (or are going through) the Institute of Advanced Motorists Accreditation so we can ensure you of drivers of the highest standard.

About Us

Professional Drivers

Also you don't have to be over 50 to work for us but it helps. We've found that our professional drivers are more experienced and competent and respectful of the vehicles that they drive than many of those that offer similar services.

Your vehicle will be moved by our experience.

Our Team


We're always looking for new people to come and join the team and we have a wide range of vacancies. In the first instance please email your CV/Resume and a brief covering letter and we'll get back to you shortly.

Available for immediate start


Available for immediate start

Load Planner

Available for immediate start

Dealer Liaison

Available for immediate start



Q. How do I know you insured?

We're more than happy to provide you with a copy of our insurance cover document before we move your vehicle. Just ask you ProPlaters represetntive

Q. What happens if there's a breakdown?

Breakdowns are the responsibility of the vehicle owner and ProPlaters is not responsible for 3rd vehicles should they prove during the movement to be mechanically unsound or fail. However we will help and assist in the recovery and onward transition of the vehicle at a cost to be born by the customer.

Q. How do I know where my vehicle is?

We are tracking all our vehicle movements and are in regular contact with out drivers just call us and we'll update you.

Q. Can I travel with my vehicle?

Normally we don't allow this but if it's a specific request we may be able to accommodate you please ask your ProPlaters representative for details.

Q. Should I have my vehicle transported or driven?

It will depend on an mixture of factors and vary from vehicle to vehicle we'll give you our best advise and attention to help you make the right choice.

Q. Another Question

Whatever you'd like to know please just ask us we're here to help.


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